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Old-Time Radio Shows...

Conveniently Pre-Loaded on a Personal, Portable MP3 Player

Remember sitting around the radio listening to great radio shows as your imagination ran wild? Now you can relive those memories with the Library of Radio Classics. The Library of Radio Classics is a collection of the greatest classic radio shows of all time, all pre-loaded on an MP3 player. Enjoy the intrigue, suspense and humor of vintage radio shows from the Golden Age of Radio. Revisit this era, its music, news, drama and comedy, with the Library of Radio Classics. The collection includes more than 900 episodes from 49 classic radio shows, plus 40 old-time radio ads. In total, you will receive more than 325 hours of listening enjoyment with this collection.

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Some of the shows included in the collection are:

  • Lone Ranger
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Ellery Queen
  • Bob and Ray
  • Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story
  • Buck Rogers
  • Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
  • Bob Hope
  • CBS Radio Mystery Theater
  • An Evening with Groucho
  • Dragnet
  • Dinah Shore
  • Red Skelton
  • And many more!

Listen to a Few Samples from the Collection

Abbott and Costello

Dean Martin Jerry Lewis

Ellery Queen


Lone Ranger

Lucille Ball radio

Paul Harvey

Everything comes pre-loaded on the easy-to-use MP3 player.

There's no downloading or set-up required. All you have to do is open the box, press play and enjoy!

  • A collection of the greatest classic radio shows of all time
  • Easy to use
  • No downloading or set-up required
  • Portable--use it anywhere
  • Great value--about 10 cents per episode or 30 cents per hour of content
  • Includes car adapter for listening in the car
  • Includes built-in rechargeable batteries so you never have to buy batteries
  • Use it while traveling, exercising, running errands or doing chores
  • Every recording has been digitally enhanced for optimal sound quality
  • You are protected by a 100%, ironclad, no-questions-asked, LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you are ever dissatisfied, we'll refund your entire purchase price.

"Thank you for making the Library of Radio Classics. I haven't heard some of these shows for years. I've been listening to Abbott & Costello and Paul Harvey every morning when I go for my walk. I am really enjoying them."

-Renee N, Mashpee, MA

"I remember many of these fondly from my youth. And happily, the player is very easy to use."

-Sid G, Grand Rapids, MI

"Thank you for helping me relive memories from my childhood. These great old radio shows sound better now than when I listened to them on my Philco."

-Abby H, Harwood, MD

“This is a great collection of old-time radio shows..”

-Michael A, Boca Raton, FL

“Made my recent flight to China seem much shorter. I listened almost the entire way. The woman sitting next to me must have thought I was crazy when I kept laughing out loud while I was listening to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis!”

-Evan, Mill Valley, CA
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